Scott Blair - Houston Texas


Scott Blair
SEO Expert / Digital Marketing

Scott has nearly 20 years of SEO, Digital Marketing, UI Development experience and over 12 years of eCommerce experience that includes taking two multichannel retailers from having no online presence to $5 million in sales in 3-4 years. He has appeared in numerous articles and publications that include Internet Retailer Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Stores Magazine, New York Times, PC World,, DM News and Website Magazine. Scott has served on several speaker panels that present topics related to social media for brands and advanced product recommendation solutions.

Scott has served as the Marketing Chair position with the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (H/IMA) and attended the national IMA meetings as a representative for the Houston chapter. He was also among the 50 people that attended the first Google Affiliate Marketing Summit as a special invite.

Netera Group comprises of a small niche team of remote work individuals that are contracted from around the globe. Each team member is a specialist in their field of design, development, copywriting, and paid search networks.



Meet the family. My beautiful wife Lindsay of fifteen years works part-time at MD Anderson as a PA and full-time as a mother of our two growing and rather entertaining girls. Katelyn (8) is in second grade this year and Ellie (5) keeps life interesting and on our toes. We also have a baby boy (Jude) that was just born at the end of March to bring the gender ratio back into balance. You never know what crazy idea they are going to get themselves into next.

Nic is a 6yr old yellow lab that was adopted into our family in August 2013. He hangs out with me throughout the day along with our two cats, taking naps and begging to play fetch or go for a run. He’s great with my the kids and loves his new home.