Google My Business Removes Description Field in Map Listings

by | Sep 26, 2019

Google quietly removed the business description fields from Google Map pages starting August 1, 2016. There is very little known about the reason behind the change, but we can guess this is an attempt by Google to reduce spam opportunities in the index. You can see some brief details posted in their ChangeLog.

The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It only displays to users in Google+, and may still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps.

Writers compile these short descriptions, which give you a quick snapshot of a popular business. These summaries are phrases or sentences (such as the example on the map above: “Southwestern fare in a modern setting”) that you often see when you click the business on Maps. Editorial summaries show on the map or alongside review and rating information, such as in the “review summary” section.

If you find an error in the summary description provided, there is a process to get that changed, but you will have to go through Google gatekeepers to do this. Use this link for requesting a change your description on your Google business page.

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