In today’s digital age, online booking platforms have revolutionized how we make reservations. For RV park owners, embracing these platforms can greatly streamline their reservation process and attract a wider audience of travelers. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leveraging online booking platforms and highlight the top 16 RV apps and directories where park owners should consider posting their properties. By optimizing their online presence, RV park owners can effectively market their parks and maximize occupancy rates.

Google Maps: Expanding Visibility

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Google Maps is an essential tool for travelers seeking RV parks. By listing your park on Google Maps, you ensure that it appears in search results when users are looking for nearby camping options. This platform offers valuable information such as park amenities, user reviews, and photos, giving potential visitors a comprehensive view of your park.

Campendium: Targeting Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Campendium is a popular RV camping directory that caters specifically to outdoor enthusiasts. By listing your RV park on Campendium, you can reach a highly targeted audience of avid campers and RVers. Users can search for parks based on location, amenities, and user ratings, making it easier for them to find your park and book a stay.

RV Life Trip Wizard: Connecting with the RV Community

RV Life Trip Wizard logo

RV Life Trip Wizard is a comprehensive platform that provides resources, tips, and a vibrant community for RV enthusiasts. By listing your park on RV Trip Wizard, you gain exposure to a vast network of passionate RV travelers. Users can discover your park, read reviews, and engage with other RVers, creating a sense of community around your property.

RoverPass: Simplifying Reservations

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RoverPass is an online reservation system designed specifically for RV parks and campgrounds. By partnering with RoverPass, you can streamline your reservation process, allowing travelers to book their stays directly through the platform. This eliminates manual paperwork and provides a seamless booking experience for park owners and guests.

Allstays: Comprehensive Camping Information

allstays logo

Allstays is a comprehensive camping directory that covers a wide range of accommodations, including RV parks. By listing your park on Allstays, you ensure visibility among a diverse group of travelers, including RVers, campers, and road trippers. The platform provides detailed information about your park, including amenities, rates, and user reviews.

The Dyrt: Showcasing Authentic Experiences

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The Dyrt is a popular camping app that focuses on showcasing authentic experiences in the great outdoors. By listing your park on The Dyrt, you can tap into a community of adventure seekers who value unique and memorable camping experiences. Users can share their stories, photos, and reviews, attracting like-minded travelers to your park.

Roadtrippers: Planning the Perfect Trip

roadtrippers logo

Roadtrippers is a comprehensive trip-planning website that assists RVers in finding campsites and attractions along their route. By listing your park on Roadtrippers, you become part of an extensive network of travel resources. RVers can discover your park while planning their trips, increasing the likelihood of booking a stay.

Yelp: Influencing Local Decisions

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Yelp is a popular online platform that allows users to discover and review local businesses. While not exclusively focused on RV parks, having a presence on Yelp can influence travelers’ decisions when looking for nearby accommodations. Encourage satisfied guests to leave positive reviews, as this can significantly impact your park’s reputation and attract new visitors.

Good Sam: Gaining Credibility and Trust

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Good Sam is a trusted resource in the RV community, offering a variety of services and discounts to its members. By affiliating with Good Sam, your park gains credibility and trust among RVers. Consider becoming a Good Sam-certified park to access their extensive membership network and tap into a loyal customer base.

iOverlander: Exploring Off-the-Beaten-Path

ioverlander logo

iOverlander is a popular app among adventure-seeking RVers who enjoy off-the-grid camping and exploring remote locations. By listing your RV park on iOverlander, you attract travelers who prefer unique and less-traveled destinations. Make sure to highlight any special features or amenities your park offers to capture the attention of these adventurous spirits.

RV Parky: Finding RV-Friendly Amenities

rv parky logo

RV Parky is a comprehensive directory that provides RVers with information about campgrounds, RV parks, and RV-friendly amenities. Adding your RV park to RV Parky makes it easier for RVers to find your park based on location, amenities, and user ratings. This platform enables potential visitors to make informed decisions when choosing their ideal camping destination. Connecting with Camping Enthusiasts logo is a popular online directory that caters to camping enthusiasts across various camping styles, including RVing. By listing your RV park on, you can connect with a diverse community of camping enthusiasts and RV travelers. Users can search for parks based on location, amenities, and user reviews, increasing your park’s visibility and attracting potential guests.

Mobile Rving: Providing RV Travel Resources

mobile rving logo

Mobile Rving is a comprehensive app that provides RVers with travel resources, including campground directories, trip-planning tools, and social networking features. By listing your RV park on Mobile Rving, you can tap into a community of RVers who actively use the app to plan their trips and find campgrounds. Ensure your park stands out by highlighting its unique features and attractions.

Campground Views: Showcasing Park Visuals

campground views logo

Campground Views is a website that allows RVers to explore campgrounds virtually through interactive 360-degree tours. By featuring your park on Campground Views, you provide potential visitors with an immersive preview of your park’s layout and amenities. This visual representation can significantly influence travelers’ decisions and increase their likelihood of booking a stay.

Go Camping America: Accessing Industry Resources

go camping america logo

Go Camping America is a website operated by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). You can access industry resources, educational materials, and marketing opportunities by affiliating with Go Camping America. Being associated with a trusted organization like ARVC enhances your park’s reputation and credibility within the RV community.

RV Parking: Catering to Overnight Stays

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RV Parking is a platform specifically focused on providing information about overnight parking options for RVers. By listing your park on RV Parking, you attract RVers who are in need of convenient and safe overnight accommodations. Emphasize any specific services or amenities your park offers for overnight guests to capture their attention.


As an RV park owner, embracing online booking platforms is crucial for streamlining your reservation process and maximizing your park’s visibility. By posting your RV park on these platforms, you expand your reach to a broader audience of travelers. Each platform offers unique benefits, whether targeting outdoor enthusiasts, simplifying reservations or showcasing authentic experiences. To take your marketing efforts to the next level, consider connecting with Netera Group. Netera specializes in helping RV park and resort owners effectively market their properties, driving increased bookings and revenue. Don’t miss out on the opportunities offered by online booking platforms—start leveraging them today and watch your RV park thrive.